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KSK Food Products is a manufacturing and distribution company established in 1990. After over a decade of moderate success, KSK Food Products hit it big in 2003, when they launched the now leading corn snack brand in the country, Boy Bawang garlic-flavored cornick. With Boy Bawang's phenomenal success, this young aggressive company's future looks brighter and brighter each passing year and its potential is practically limitless.Read More>>





Introducing NUTS INCREDIBLE,It's the snack that's INCREDIBLY crunchy, delicious and flavor-packed with garlic-y goodness! One bite and you'll swear you've never tasted NUTS this INCREDIBLE!






Start a healthy habit with Siksik Sarap Cereal Drink! Loaded with nutrients, this cereal drink will fuel up your mind and body throughout the day! Live healthy every day with Siksik Sarap Cereal Drink!







Get high with Give Me 5 Butter Coconut! Loaded with that delicious butter and healthy coco - perfect tandem of two ingredients that you can't resist. All guys & gals out there, munch on with this healthy & delicious cookies and you will say Give Me 5, Man!






Our all-time favorite, MARIE is now leveled up in taste, texture & quality. It now comes in 5 pieces per pack! Talk about value for money. Let's give it up for Give Me 5 MARIE... Hooray!